10 X mistake.


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The old dog came with me today,I kept him close by too. He has been having daily runs of 2k`s up to the traps and back and fitness is very good but I cant afford him to be crunching anything so a tight watch was on all the time.
We saw a deer coming back up to its day bedding area a fair way down below and the tripod was set up in anticipation of the deer coming across a clearing 120 yards away that was wait for it...new word "uteable" ha ha.
I lost sight of the deer for 10 mins then bugger me the dog suggested the deer was closer and sure enough it had changed course and appeared perhaps 45-50 yards away.

Rifle up,**** me the scope was still on 10x from the evening before...I didn't do my usual check. Bloody deer was big in the scope and looked towards us,whether it could see us or not I don`t know,anyway cross hairs on..bang! It was an 1/8th second shot as the deer came out fully from the dogwood.
I walked back to the ute stowed the gear and came back and went looking for the deer. I truly expected it to be basically close to the spot.
Bastard! As it turned out shot through the left shoulder nicely and as the deer was indeed on an angle the exit was behind the opp shoulder. Gee these deer can take a shot.
The little velvet knobby got 90-100 yards downhill from the shot site and the decision was made to go back to the ute and get my pack frame. An easy downhill gut job and then I cut the deer in half and tied in turn each half to the pack frame and walked comfortably out,well it was a bit scratchy through the scrub ha ha.
I went back and rolled the liver and heart up (for dogs) in the now emptied paunch.They will feast tonight!



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that's quite some country you are in there.
That's must be some thick mess to hunt in, eh?
It`s what a lot of sambar hunters have to contend with and the trick is to drop them before they can get back into it. I have failed to do that with the two last eating models that got deep into the cover after the shot. It is a mess and as noted in the video "a schitt hole" BUT lots of other parts are a lot schittier than than patch of bush such as the same schitt but all the spaces are taken up by berry canes.
Sambar have an affinity with good cover and we walk past far more than we see.