110 grain 0.308 load advice please


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Hello Gents,
I am looking to make a varmint load for my 0.308 (I do not have a smaller center fire rifle). I have bought some Speer 110 grain hollow points. I have the Speer loading data.

My rifle (Blaser R8) has a 20.5 inch barrel and I find that this makes most loads quite slow compared to load data. I would like to enjoy a fast flat shooting bullet if possible with this load, so I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for powder and charge? I do not have a great deal of handloading experience so I would be glad of your advice. I am thinking (please correct me if wrong) that I should be looking for the faster burning powders out of those listed since I have a shorter barrel. A little good advice to put me in the right ballpark to start could save me quite a lot of wasted powder, bullets and time.

Thank you


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Looking at the powder manufacturers data will show which will give you the highest velocity, for e.g. N133 shows slightly higher fps than the slower burning N135...but...I found I can get higher safe speeds with N135

I had good loads with H335 and IMR 4895 and then tried N133 which gave very high speeds and was even faster than the Vihtavuori data, but it had variable pressure and so I have ended up with N135. I worked up to great groups with the N135 top load but it was sometimes producing a notchy bolt , so I dropped down to a lower load and that seems to be fine.

I am using it with V-MAX 110grain and have yet to play with 110 TTSX.

The scary highest N133 loads were around 3350fps. With the current N135 they are around 3175fps.

Same rifle and barrel length as you, mine is standard weight. It does seem to like the 110 to 130grain weight bullets.



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I'm using 110gr Sierra HP Varminter with ADI2206H (~H4895/IMR4895) in my 570mm, 1:11" twist Sporter barrel. Clocks in at 949m/s (3114 fps). Started at 46.8gr and worked up in 0.3gr steps.



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Thanks guys, that gives much to hope for. Has anyone tried Reloader 7 as I see Speer the data say it gave best accuracy?