For Sale: 12 Bore 2 3/4" Boxlock Non-Ejector - Spanish £25.00 collect.


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Not the best, not the worst, not an AyA and probably the better for it as the action colour is less garish, plain wood, continental length 70cm (27.25" barrels) stamped "ARMES GB" "Made in Spain" with the usual metal bead sight to front.

Stamped on left barrel with one * and right barrel with three *** for choke. So from the internet that indicates maybe left 30 thou (FULL) and right 20 thou (HALF/QUARTER)? Assuming that it hasn't been opened up at some time.

Stock length approx a true 14".

There's better out there but maybe not at £25.00!

Cash on collection from near M1 J21 at Leicester Forest East. An ideal cheap tractor or "cripple stopper" wildfowling gun as a less costly to feed "back up" to a 8 Bore or 10 Bore. Or a good inexpensive starter gun for a youth who then may or may not carry on with our sport?


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