125grn Nosler ballistic tips for .308


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has anyone had any experience of using these on roe deer? is there much damage?

If reloading these what load are you using?

Offroad Gary

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Brutal on roe, especially if clipping shoulder. If shooting trophies they don't run far.49 gn H4895 gave 3050 fps from my r93, good fallow load, 1.5" high at 100 and 7" low at 300y. My r93 would shoot a 1" group at 300 with them.


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Me and my old fella have shot hundreds of red, roe and sika with these bullets, h4895 (47 grains) what a round!!!
Flat shooting and kills deer brilliant, never any horror stories with carcass damage, don't believe all the hype!!!


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My shr970 used to love them and the deer never ran far. the sauer is not the happiest with 125gn so back on the 150 SST for now. I still have some with 49.5gn varget under them and will revisit them in a year or so.

200m zero and everything is dead that you point your bang stick at. Roe I generally used the 223, but a dead deer is a dead deer to me and I dont give a hoot about meat damage as I have seen it with all calibres and all bullets.


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Ive just loadaed some with 45gr varget to test. I havent a chronograph, but according to my maths should be doing just shy of 2800fps. I was told if you keep the speed down they should be fine regarding carcass damage. should be a pleasant round to shoot.