14 year old gaining firearms certificate whos done it for there son/daughter


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Hi Guys

im just in the process of helping my son (14 year old) to gain his first fac, hes a suitable person and has established good reason for all my rifles (3 permissions off me and friends).

has anyone personally done it before and did you find they tryed to impose any restrictions on there FAC



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Helped my lad with his, he had just turned 14, told him if he wanted to gain his fac he would have to do it all himself, application, interview permissions etc ,had to sit in on interview ,but my view was if he is wanted it he should be mature enough to sort it, it took a couple of months but it came through only restriction was had to be supervised and the normal gifted ammo,guns etc


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thanks for reply , out of intrest what was the exact wording they used for the supervised bit on the certificate????

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My son has just pulled out a photo copy of his first ticket (he is now 20) His original ticket was just for use of a 22lr at a target club however once he turned 15 he had the hunting variation added.

Essentially the restriction was that he could only hunt under my supervision, i suppose not dissimilar to how a minor would have use of an air rifle. Obviously he wasn't able to purchase a rifle or ammo until his 18th birthday however i was able to gift him a 22lr so that he could have his own rifle. If your son plans on having his own separate rifle its worth noting that unless you have a spare slot for a 22 on ticket you will have to put in a variation for an extra 22 just so that you can buy it and gift it to him (a hassle in its own right!).

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Yes, my son got his just after his 14th birthday.
I did a little write up of his first deer here:

I would advise you get him to read and understand exactly where he stands regarding the law BEFORE the FEO visits! This should help:

Also get him to read and learn the safety questions section in the DSC Level 1 manual. My lad got a surprising in-depth 'grilling' on the safety side which he breezed having read and understood all of the above. They asked such things as " could you let your mate have a go if was sat up a high seat with you?" etc..
It clearly worked as he was then granted an 'Open' FAC when he was with me, but 'Closed' when he was alone. Quite a sensible approach I thought?
Good luck!


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Hi Dave. Sausage man's son did it. Don't think he had any restrictions other than the supervision and ammo ones. I think the feo's are sometimes against the idea. I suppose in this world of today there aren't that many young lads that you would find mature enough to be allowed to have control of a firearm, but there are some with good guidance from sensible parents. I got my SG ticket at 14 myself.


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Hi Dave,
I done it for my daughter. Put the application in when she was still 13, so her FAC arrived immediately after her 14th birthday.
It was no bother at all with NWP, no special conditions etc, only the normal one that she can only be gifted rifle and ammo.
Also got a variation FOC to my FAC so her rifle is on both of ours tickets to enable me to acquire, store and transport (and generally be responsible) for it.

Must catch up for a chat sometime, mate - you taught me a lot in a short space of time :tiphat:
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My grandson was a little older he was fifteen, got a real grilling on safety from FEO and asked to demonstrate how he would cross a fence, ditch etc how he would unload etc if in company.

I stated I would mentor him and he would only be using my rifle and as such would be kept in my cabinet.

Came back fully open no mentor required and all my rifles on it .

That was nine years ago he is now a keeper with rifles of his own, mine are still on his certificate as at his renewal the FEO ( not the same one as did the initial enquiry different area) said to leave them on as "you never know when you might need to borrow a rifle"