For Sale: 14x1 30cal mods wanted for a sound test

Edinburgh Rifles

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Finally have the equipment and the majority of the moderators we want to conduct a comparison study

Doesn't look much!
£10,000 worth of sound measuring kit
One of two devices we will be using on Saturday (weather permitting) to rank a large proportion of the UK moderator market offerings.

Same day
Same conditions
Same rifle
Same Ammo
Same measuring devices

Ranked for:
Sound attenuation.
Actual noise level vs unmoderated.
Recoil reduction
Forward Projection
OB vs Muzzle
Material Resilience

I am missing a couple of the mods I would like to try in the format I need (14x1 30cal)
If anyone has one they would like to have included in the study please get in touch

042.jpg 043.jpg