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For Sale: 150gn Hornady GMX .308 bullets

PSE Composites Limited


Well-Known Member
88 x Hornady 150gn GMX .308 £55 + £3 P+P

These are lead free and normally sell for £48 per 50.

Please PM if you have any questions.


Well-Known Member
Well it's been a while or maybe @Boona5739 genuinely doesn't know ....

Why are you calling them 'Bullet Heads' ?
Did you read it somewhere or were you told by the person who taught you how to reload ?


Well-Known Member
I presume you are a politician and have been working on Brexit for the last 3 years. We could argue or debate the correct terminology for the items I am selling, but as long as people get the gist then I'm not really bothered.
As I said I'm happy to answer any question someone might have. You know what I am I'm selling, we're you interested or just making a point?
I suppose I wanted to make it clear this was a component not the completed cartridge/round, (excuse me this also is the wrong terminology).

Kind regards


Well-Known Member
It was an honest question @Boona5739.
I'm not interested in these particular bullets but was in some of your others :)

I was trying to determine if you were a real/knowledgeable seller rather than someone who may have found some bullets somewhere and (without really knowing what they are) decided to simply off-load/sell them on here.
15 of your posts (almost half) have been "Welcome" although your first stated you'd been shooting for 35 years. I haven't had an FAC for that long although I have had Shotguns for 35 years +
Just as an aside I think that most if not all in/on this group know the difference between a bullet and ammunition.

Good luck with your many sales...


Well-Known Member
I am aware that some people and the media refer to ammunition as bullets, and as reloaders we refer to bullet, case, primer and powder.
I hope you understand I was only trying to cover all my bases, maybe a photo would have been better. You know what they say about a picture tells thousand words.

Anyway I've reloaded for about 20 years of my 35 years shooting. Mostly. 223 and. 308. Now branching out to 6.5 and .357, (never reloaded hardcast bullets before). Might be picking your brains on that matter.

Happy shooting!
PSE Composites Limited