16 Bore reloading


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According to the little knowledge I have 1 1/8 ounces in a 16 bore is the shot weight for the old Eley Alphamax 16 bore with 2 3/4 case. Unless you are loading a low velocity load I;d say that is a bit near to maximum working pressure?



I do not load 16 gauge but I have the Lyman Reloading Manual 5th Edition, some load data in there. First problem for 1 1/8 oz its all plastic wads, next its all American powders also its for 2 3/4 cases. If you are interested pm me and I will try to help.

Good luck.

PS. Have you tried Clay and Game.


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Look on Folkestone engineering services web site or phone them.

Advice is Free Clay and game charge for load data


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1oz would be far more suitable in a 16 and a lot more comfortable. I've loaded shot for years and have piles of data at home. PM me and I can scan some of it for you.

You could try Stephen Dales at Claygame, always found him very helpful. (Folkstone too, but he doesn't have the range, or didn't the last time I had anything from him).