.17 c/f

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just wondering if anyone uses the rem .17 c/f any more.??you don't see many about now
I have a moderated tika that shoots 21 grain ballistic tips at about 4300 fps,flat shooting out to 300 meters, awesome on rabbits , foxes and any other vermin a long way out.no recoil and very quiet as well .


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The Keeper that i lamp with a couple of times a month uses one, a tikka 595. he loves it and wont swap it for the world, i've shot a fair few foxes with it and it does a good job as long as the hits are good, definately better with the heavier bullets (if you can call 25gn heavy).

Great fun on crows and very very safe with regards to ricochets and it sheds it's energy very quickly past 350m.



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I have shot a friends .17 Sako on quite a number of occasions now. Nice accurate little rifle especially with home loads.


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Got one a Remington Custom Delux had the barrel free floated a trigger job and pillar bedded,with a pes sound moderator great rifle very acurate and no recoil jjust a great caliber.


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Did have 1, a Remmy custom job, very accurate, however I shot a lot out in the open hill where wind was a problem also shoot a few foxes through rashes , so the 17 was a little light.

I went back to a 22-250

Although for foxes around loe ground where ricochets could by a problem , it would be ideal.
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