.17 Fireball


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18.4g H322 over 20g vmax. Remington 7 1/2 primers sweet little load. The .1 increments really can make a difference in this little cartridge. And doesn't show pressure easily keep your eyes open.


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Best foxing cal I have ever used, no recoil to speak of so scope / nv stays on target, pass throughs virtually non existant, noise level acceptable near habitation at night, I limit my shots to 200 yards for 100% knockdown on fox with 20 grain V max.


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25 grn bergers over 18.4 of benchmark tends to shoot in the .2s for me.top tip get anal on brass prep as it makes a huge difference in 17s

white van man

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have a word with Karl at Halstead He used too or still do's run one and as he reloads as a job he will give you helpful tips mty :thumb:
Hi Paul.
Will give Karl a buzz didn't realise he had a .17 fireball, I bought his .221 fireball off him and love it that's why I'm going for the .17 as well. One will be dedicated NV.