.17 HMR barrel length? Anschutz 1517 14" or 18"


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Hi, I've been looking for an Anschutz 1517 HB thumbhole and have seen one but it only has a 14" barrel.
Does size really matter? I wanted an 18"
I want to shoot up to 100yards with good accuracy.
Has anyone tried a 14" barrel?
Many Thanks Phil


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Well I have a 14.5 inch barrel on a cz 452 and it shoots very well alittle loud but a better mod will help with that


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my 1517 has the 18" barrel and when the ammo is ok its perfect, I also have a 1417 with the 14" barrel, again its deadly accurate but to the eye the 18" barrel looks better
Had a 16" Savage HMR which wasn't quite as accurate as the annie if being honest, but could be other things than barrel length.


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had an 18" for my first rifle and it was a cracking tool.

then got hooked on a 16 barrel and all the 17's after that had 16" barresl.

love em,


jay 22

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the 14 inch barrel was never on the cards. until some guy at factory done a load of hmr chambers with 14 inch barrel lengths

or somewhere along those lines
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No difference at all in accuracy. Personally I prefer longer barrels as I shoot of sticks a lot and barrel weight equals stablility.
You'll lose about 50 fps at the muzzle with a 14" barrel but down range the difference is far less so its not worth worrying about.
If you want the 14" buy with confidence but handle both first. The 14 can feel a bit floaty.