17 hmr silencer


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have done

I don't actually find them as quiet as others on any applications
IMO a slightly larger diameter (larger void) and closer matching bore:calibre combo will see a better sound attenuation

some of the .17 specific ones are very good


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That is what I have, and it's fine. It is clearly possible that other moderators may be (potentially significantly) better, but is is certainly massively better than no moderator at all!


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Another one for Sak. Not too heavy, does the business in that it shushes it up (aren't they loud without?) and comes apart to clean. What's not to like?


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Will try it and see how it goes, just that its sat there doing nothing so though I would use it to save a variation


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The only thing that I would say about using a SAK Moderator on a .17HMR is beware if you have a shortened barrel on your HMR. I used one on my .17HMR which had a 16 inch barrel and I found that after a time the alloy baffles started to burn a little - However this might well not be an issue with say a 20 inch barrel. I ended up putting a Sirocco SM II on my 17HMR and it was fine - The SM II now sits on my .22LR and is still as good as when it was new, and with the tapered end is a little more "asthetically peasing" but that is just a matter of taste.
Just to add to add to that I did not feel that the Sirocco offered any noticable noise reduction over the SAK Moderator - Both did exactly what they were designed for!