.17 HMR


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I have 2 cz 455, 22rf, 17hmr, both had sears polished and spring done, use both and very accurate, confident in them, my friend has a hw 17 hmr we shoot at targets to see which is best, nothing in it, but the hw looks and is a better quality product to the eye, but cz anytime for over the fields,cannot fault it.


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I have a sako Quad in 17 and don’t interchange the barrel etc. All the above mentioned rifles will shoot well with the right ammo and it’s very much a personal choice. The thing the quad has going for it is that when the barrel gets shot out which it will eventually it’s very easy to get a new barrel and change it.


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Think about feeding the mag, how does it feed, can you feed with the mag in situ, how much are the mags if you need spares?
Will it be a truck gun? The barrel length will.be more of an issue then than if just used when walking about.
And above all.buy one that you like, not what someone else tells you to buy..dont forget its your gun at tge end of the day..


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Once the barrel length is long enough that all the powder is burned (AFAIK, about 12-14 inches in a 17HMR)
then what's coming out of the end of the barrel is a bullet travelling at supersonic speed and thus producing a mini sonic boom (the "crack" sound) and the high velocity gas produced by the burned powder (the boom sound)
A moderator can reduce the boom part of the noise by giving the gas somewhere to expand into so that it slows down and doesn't "boom" so much, but neither of these sources of noise gets more or less with increasing or decreasing barrel length.


Shorter barrel does get the noise closer to your ears though, which will make it appear louder.


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I have a Sako quad and while yes I agree that the interchangeable barrels are all but pointless, it’s a cracking wee thing! I have a half decent scope on (s&b) and have taken hares out to 240 without much hassle. Fairly light, lovely bolt mechanism and decent mags.