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fly tyer

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what do you guys think of the 17 hmr have a space on my fac for one but i have never fired one but the flat shooting appeals to me but having never used one i dont want to wast any money


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I was always told that if you want to eat what you shoot then don't get one unless you can guarantee a head shot every time as it explodes on impact, which sort of defeats one of the points of a HMR as you can better take longer shots with it than you can with a .22.

Also makes a big crack and a sound mod won't help you, expensive and dirty ammo. You can get them cheap as anything 2nd hand so it wouldn't cost much if you did want to give it a go.

Welcome to the forum, and depsite all the kit I have I've never got past a black and peacock spider. :)


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I run a CZ HMR, heavy barrel 16”.

Accuracy, well even I can put bullet on bullet at 50 yards with it and I am comfortable using it on rabbits and corvids out to 150. Primary zero at 35 yards gives me near plat shooting out to 130 yards.

One thing that does effect the accuracy is wind, the 17gr and 20gr bullets are light and will be blown of track in a strong breeze.

Noise, they will always be louder than the .22LR as they are supersonic, a mod reduces the bang but not the crack. Having said that I have frequently taken 2 or 3 quick successive shots on a group of rabbits, they seem unsure about which direction the sound has come from and don’t run straight away.

As for meat damage, then yes you can get a fair old hole in a rabbit. If shooting for the pot I go for head shots at sensible ranges, the accuracy allows for this. The carcase is then untouched.

If longer range then chest shots are order of the day, this still leaves the rear and haunch untouched and fine for the pot.

I also have fox on my ticket for the HMR and have used it on them, but only at low ranges when it is fine for the job if I don’t have a centre fire with me.

I like mine a lot, great bunny basher and the 16” barrel means it can be handled from a vehicle well enough.


fly tyer

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thanks for the replys chaps i will have a look around and see what rifles are on offer. a keeper that comes to our local clay shoot has offered to give me a shot of his hmr to see what its like. any one know the price for the synthetic stainless brunos in hmr



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Go for a CZ great value, I had my trigger sorted by a good gunsmith as its a bit agricultural and i found it snatched. now smooth as silk i take foxes out to 80 yds with the .17hmr no problem. you cant go wrong for the price


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One of my shooting budies has one great for winged vermin ok for head shot rabbit but body shots leave a mess of mush.
He was shocked as we all were when at a range the drop at 200m was more than expected.
A .223 is a lot more use as it will fill the roll of rabbit head shots and is more suited to Fox.

That said if you have the cash and already have a .223 then .17 is fun fun fun.
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