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Sold: .17 Hornet & .17 Cal Stuff

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Big Sweep

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much as I love my .17 Hornet it is going to make way for a bigger brother. As such I have a few things for sale. Face to Face where required and possible.

1) New (Unused) Lee .17 Hornet Dies with Lee Shell holder £30 posted. SOLD

View attachment 82341View attachment 82342

2) Lee .17 Hornet Quick Trim Die (New Unused) £12.00 SOLD
View attachment 82345

3) .17 Comparator Insert (Unused) £5.00 Posted SOLD

View attachment 82346

4) 169 .17 Hornet Hornady Once fired brass cases £35.00 Posted. SOLD

View attachment 82347

5) 338 .17 Cal 25G V-Max Bullets (These bullets look tarnished as I bought them moly coated. Advice on American forums was to agitate for a couple of minutes in Bar Keepers Friend to remove the moly which it did) £50.00 SOLD

View attachment 82348 View attachment 82349

6) 100 Rounds 20grn .17 Hornady Hornet Factory Ammo £75.00 Minus the MTM Box.

View attachment 82350

Please PM.


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