17 Hornet at 200y yards

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Just for a laugh...Savage Model 25, 17 Hornet, 20grain Berger, H4198 @ 3400fps, 5 rounds at 200yards on a 10m airgun target in a 12 - 15mph cross wind from 3 o'clock...7 1/2" drift...this was not the aim point. Scope is a Vortex <something> - 16x50 set on x16.


Seems ok for me...was testing the effect of length change on group size but abandoned the idea due to boredom.
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As long as the weathers decent I'm going to find out how well a NIB CZ527 17 Hornet can do with factory Hornady ammo !

At 100 yards however !


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The Savage I have shoots ok with the factory but it is a bit hot judging by the primers and case base. It really likes the VMAX 25grain with H322 but it ricochets a but too much for my liking. The 20grain Berger Varmint (and the match) work a treat on bunnies and are quite accurate. I have shot it to 600yards using 30grain Berger with H322 but the 600 is a touch too far - subsonic and scatters well. 400 is not bad, 300 acceptable etc.

I just set up a load of PPU 22 Hornet brass for fire forming...mainly since a well known shooting emporium effectively said I shouldn't. Amazing what a cut down 204 Ruger FL die will do...
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