.17 WSM Ammo

Good Morning Guys,
Completely new to this forum, although have been a 'lurker' for some time!
I bought a Savage B-Mag a few months ago, but struggling to find ammo! Literally no where does it (apart from places 6 hours away)!

Any of you guys have any ideas?

Thanks, just gave them an email now. Seems to be a hard round to get, lets hope it's worth it. As I bought the gun without reading the reviews of the Savage, very mixed reviews :-|
Kent Ammo Supplies have always come up trumps for me.Give them a bell to see.Richard.ps it isa bit specialised though.

Mr. Gain

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Hopefully, when you get some ammo it will shoot well, but -based on just 1 report, admittedly- it may well shoot a whole lot better if re-crowned and re-bedded.
I've had 17 Ammo on order with them for a couple of months. No luck.
It took me 4 months to get the gun from them. Their reply was 'We will give you a ring next week'... Which never happened.
Not brilliant service from them to be honest.
Chris Potters did have the ammo in stock, it was the rifles they were struggling to source! give them a call