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Selling 4 side by sides to make space for a new toy for the cabinet. All 28" barrels.

Will take some more photos outside, as it seems these ones haven't come out too well.

In order of appearance:

Ligano 12b SxS Non ejector - Beautiful wood, tight on the face, mint bores. Oil finished £75

AYA Yeoman 12b SxS Non ejector - Tiger striped wood, tight on the face, mint bores, small chip out of the stock (will take further picture), another donor stock will be included to be cut for repair £75

Laurona 12b SxS Ejector - Tiger striped wood, recoil pad, tight on the face, mint bores, a really lovely gun. With a bit of oil on the stock it'll come up beautifully. £75

Sarriugarte 12b SxS Non ejector, Nice engravings, slight pitting in barrels, bluing appears to be cold blue touch up - a decent job has been done. £50

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask, collection in London. very happy to RFD.



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Some better photos of the AYA. Light has been a tad harsh on the stock
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