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Just to say how helpful 1967spud was over the phone yesterday. Giving an honest opinion and possibly saving me money. There are many suppliers, not just in the gun trade who would never turndown a sale or try to offer cheaper alternatives.

I would recommend anyone who needs reloading and/or other associated products to email/call 1967Spud first.

thanks for you advise,



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Thanks Guys this is the one reason why i am like i am

im not a gunshop and dont want to be but ill look after us fellow shooters as much as i can or it takes.


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+1 top man and very helpfull,will be getting my reloading gear from him from now on
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I'm not a big customer, I don't have a lot of money to spend - nevertheless Mark has managed to find me a deal or discount every time I've bought from him. Definitely my first port of call whenever I need to buy something.