1st Buck and Latest Buck


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Both were shot in the same field..

1st deer i ever shot

and this one tonight it appears it lost an antler at some point but i dont think it was this years rut



looking good there XIM Just remember its like a drug and there ain't no methadone cure for this addiction. ;)


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tartinjock said:
Good Cull Bucks there. How old do you think the top one is, looks to have a very grey face.
hmm not sure i'm guessing 6 pointer ..perhaps 2 - years old ? maybe?

the unicorn :p last night had a lot of testosterone within him as he came right up close to me about 40 metres away as he could see me moving in the distance once it was identify me it stood still broadsided me and just stodd its ground.

definately the rutting season has started.

and i seen at least 3-4 inferior bucks last night and 2 great looking specimins, and about 20+ does.

anyway hopefully see some of you at the CLA game fair tomorrow i'll be looking for the TSD insignia on the T-shirts. :)

and im guessing most of you be down gunmakers row.


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Good shots and pics there Xim!
The top one looks older given his greyed up face but as for the "unicorn" who knows how something like that happens.


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cracking start xim
your top buck is a bit older than 2 i fear :)
but take plenty of picks of the unicorn or even get it mounted ,as you may never come across another and would be well worth hav a great momento of this occassion