1st outing on Roe buck (this year)


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well i went for my 1st morning out on roe bucks, with the amount i hav seen clean just lately i was full of hope
up at 4:30am and on my way :eek:
quick scout around my fallow bit , as i hav clocked several bucks on there over the last month
all i saw were fallow does and munties , even managed to try the new cam-corder out :lol:

onto the next piece and again munties in plenty :confused:eek:
ah well time to stop messing about,
one munty in the bag
sika and munty :)

but what a surprise it was my first ever deer i hav shot that had broke an antler ( apart from tips of tines)
single antler

close up of broken antler

so a good morning out even thou the roe were not playing ball :rolleyes:


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Re: roebuck

JayJay said:
Amberdog said:
8) 8) your one lucky bugger hope ya well


yep his lucky he met me :evil: :evil: :evil:
careful JayJay
remember that old sayinging "you can't have your steak and eat it "
:evil: :evil: :evil:

keeping very well at the mo :D

out again this morning and got into to bucks , both in velvet and also skylined but time was getting on and work was looming
shall be out again tomorrow night
more for the picture side of stalking , got to get this cam-corder malarky perfected :lol: :lol:


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not one to be defeated by a no show :lol:
out again tonite straight from work
spotted a Roe doe that i reconised so well from a distance, always has a buck following her no matter what
so quitely and steadily walked,stalked and even crawled commando style for the last 50 yards
never crawl as a rule
blooming stingy nettles thats why, i hate stingy nettles :oops:
got within 150 yards and spotted a small buck in velvet with her,
that will do i thought :)
up went sticks and scope fixed on to see a doe kid stood directly behind the buck
at this point the buck then walked into the hedge, the kid lay down and so did the doe
so i crawled in another 60-70 yards and waited
about an hour or so later the buck stood up
that was all i needed, x hair on his chest
and the 30-06 with my homeloads did it's job :D

good start to the Roe buck season 8)

The Mole

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stone said:
crawled commando style for the last 50 yards
never crawl as a rule
blooming stingy nettles thats why, i hate stingy nettles :oops:
That's the problem with commando style ....... :eek: :lol:


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Stalking commando, dont remember that in DSC1 :eek: . Are we getting an insight into the seedy underbelly of deer stalking? Please dont let anyone post that the answer is fishnets and heels!! Mind you probably a good way of getting the ground to yourself :eek: :evil:


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Bigthug87 said:
wehat rifle n calibre you using mate ? Looks a good setup :)
the rifle is an out the box Brno 30-06 mauser 98 action
fitted with a T8 mod , trigger adjusted as light as the action will allow with out any work being done to it, needs to go in and lightened further :evil:
mine came with a wooden stock, but i fitted a plastic fantastic to it

7x5o ill meopta off ebay :D
i am using 180 grain nosler solid base heads in federal cases
210 primer and 51 grains of varget
it has always printed fantastic groups since i hav had it
one off i suppose or just got lucky with the rifle and bullet home load combo