!/2 an hour and back home.....


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With the Six Nations rugby finished for the evening the moon had a good covering of low cloud,
one block is opposite my house and I have taken around 35 foxes off it in the past 3 years, not a huge amount considering there is no shoot on this farm.
I few blasts on my tenterfield and a sweep with my low powered red led showed a set of eyes out around 300 yards.

The wind was quartering in my face so walking to make some ground was good but the traffic from the road behind my was non stop and would have highlighted my approach.
So I abandoned that plan a decided to try calling, but this fox was not budging....After a couple of mins it slinked off in a big ark to my left then disappeared in a ditch.
At a guess it was trying to wind me, so I scrambled over the ditch and flicked the small light around to find a set of eyes out in front. No shot from where I was so bo-locks to this I headed with the wind set the gun on the sticks and found this fox crouching in the winter wheat..my 75 grain round found the mark but this was not the fox that went into the ditch!
A second flick found him about 250 yards with his tail wrapped around his feet, after walking at a good pace I stopped for 30 seconds to set the gun, rest for the shot and the second fox was on the ground...

2 was a good result for such a short time so I decided to go home and finish the rest of the land next week.......