2 days great hunting

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I’ve just had 2 day great hunting. The 23rd Oct was our hunting teams moose hunting day. We met at 7.30 at the hunting leaders house for a briefing. We had a adult moose and a calf on the ticket. We don’t shoot bulls with between 4& 8 point, no cows with calves but heifers are aloud. Calves we shoot if the cow has 2 calves.
The hunting leader has champion Gråhund so if there were moose about we were sure to find them. There were 4 of us hunting so we were a bit thin on the ground.
The first drive we did was from the road down to the lake One of the other hunters and I were placed down by the lake and the hunting leader and the other hunter took the dogs up to the road and let them loose. Within 5 minutes the dogs had picked up a moose and they pushed the moose down to the lake . Great to hear the dogs getting nearer and nearer. The moose were a cow and a heifer that passed to the left of the other hunter who could not get a shot at the heifer and they headed over the lane and towards my property.
We met back at the hunting leaders house and decided to sit out on my property. The dogs drove the moose out over the big swamp and on to the neighbours ground.
After a coffee and sandwich it was decided that the hunting leader would go and try to get the dogs. By the time he had got round to the neighbours ground the dogs were pushing the moose back down to the road again . We moved position round to Skogen which is the other side of a lake at the bottom of the track that leads to my house.
Three of us positioned our selves to try and get a chance at the moose as they crossed the road. I could here the dogs getting nearer so i went down to the lake edge. The dogs came nearer and then I could hear them going back again and then silence. I was thinking that they would drive the moose back the way they had come. After 10 minutes I heard the dogs coming back again. Suddenly the heifer appeared on the very swampy and wet end of the lake. The hiefer was passing to my left so I took aim but there were trees in the way. I had to do a quick move about 20 mtrs to the left so I could get a clear shot . At the first shot the heifer swung round to the right and went at high speed towards the forest so I shot another shot and after a couple of paces she went down.
It suddenly crossed my mind that it might not be very firm under foot and very wet out were the moose laid. By going round to the other side of the lake it was possible to get a cable from the hunting leaders tractor out and winch it back to dry land.
The hunt went on from about 8.30 when the dogs picked up the moose till 1500 when it was shot

A bit wet were the moose lay


Winching it to dry land


View across the lake


load on the trailer


The second days hunting was on Saterday when i was invited to hunt at Attorp. Attorp is a place where we hunt roe every year. We were going to hunt with my Taxen Charlie and there was the chance to get a shot at boar.
I was taken to the far side of the ground with my dog and given instruction on where to loose the dog off. It took me about 15 minutes to get round to the edge of the forest and when i had a message over the radio that every body was in place i let the dog go. He started hunting strait away and a couple of minutes later i heard 2 shots then a third farther away and then a forth. When the dog started hunting his barking had scared 7 boar infront of Karl , one of the hunters. He shot one. Charlie was away after a roe doe and as he drove that doe another roe came out in front of another hunter and he shot that. The group of boar that karl shot at passed by another hunter who missed with his shot.
Charlie hunted the roe for an hour and half but just could not get a shot at it.
so we collected the boar and roe and lit a fire ,grilled sausages and drank coffee. A great days hunting and it didn't rain.

Little Terry

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Thanks for sharing that. Looking forward to my next Swedish adventure. Hopefully going to sit out for the Pigs on the 3rd Nov with my mate near Linkoping.

DeerStalker Brent

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Sounds like you had a lot of fun :D I just got back from sweden and had a great time, saw three moose cows and hundreds of roe! i went to two of stockholms hunting shop and spent all my money ;) i would love to get something hunting over there. Now im home and have a puppy taxen to look after ;)


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Hejsan Brent, Have you been a naughty boy in Walter Borg and Widfors? hope you spent your money well :lol: . I better not take you to Torsbo handel your wallet will go into melt down there.
train that Taxen well.

DeerStalker Brent

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I went to Walter borg and hunt stockholm. i did ;) got a great coat, a book and a dvd about using taxens and other dogs on roe. wheres Torsbo handel?;)
She is a great little thing, i'll soon have her on roe :D


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Was the dvd Dianas Stigar, Rådjursjakt med drever och tax. If thats the one its a great dvd recomended by the tax club. Those drevers work well but the have eyes that make the dog look like its going to bite you.
Torsdo Handel is 30 mins from my place. Best gun shop in Sweden and a place of pilgrimage for all hunters. Just ask doghound about it :lol:

DeerStalker Brent

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Yeah thats the dvd i got, its a good one even though i cant understand what there saying ;) Is torsdo handel in stockholm? my friend has been there before and he gave me a magazine of the shop.


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Torsbo Handel is 5 hours south of Stockholm. But i don't think your quite old enough to handle the tempting hunting stuff they sell :lol:
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