2 Days with WMS


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Hi Guys,
thought I give quick writeup about 2 days I spend with Andrew Venables at WMS in West Wales on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
I had booked in for a day back in 2013 but that was cancelled due to circumstances out of my control!
The wife was taking the kids away to Spain to see the Outlaws, and she suggested I go away for 2 days shooting...........
I would be a poor husband if I didn't go along with my wife wishes every now and then!
So having booked the days, i drove over hill and dale to eventually get to Maesglas Uchaf B&B run by Angela and Peter White in Ystrad Meurig, very reasonable and good food.

First Day
I arrived at Andrews and over a cup of tea talked over my experiences and what I hoped to achieve over the days.
We drove out to a beautiful view with several large mountains for backdrop, and as can be seen
I had a nice warm trailer to put my Mauser together in!

I had to zero my 6.5x55 as I had previously been shooting my 22.250. This was done under the expert eye of Andrew, who made me take notes as I did this so I could remember the "clicks" difference between the 2 barrels. This was carried out in the sheltered river bed with a selection of 10mm hardened steel plates, rabbits, foxes and muntys,
trust me they are out there!!
Once both Andrew and I were happy we moved on to the plain with a small quarry in the distance, with a roe deer and 10 inch white gong out at 300 yards (I think)
I got to start by aiming off, due to the gusting wind, and then using the turrets to dial in.
more tea later Andrew asked me if I wanted to get get silly at the longer stuff!!
What could I say, of course!
So having seen the figure 11 out at 650yrds, we took my Swarovski Z6i to task, to see how many clicks I have...as it turns out quite a lot!
we started at 75clicks of elevation and 18 clicks of windage, what with having a gusting 12-20kph wind.
I think it fair to say, i was straffing the target!! Hell I was using 139grain Privi SP rounds, so I was happy to get that close!
Andrew let me have a go with his Blaser R8 thumbhole 300 Win Mag...
SWEET JESUS! People shoot this for fun???
More tea later and then back to the roe deer and the 10 inch gong, before the light started to fade, then back to Andrews for Tea and cake, plus lots of dog slobber from his dogs!

Second Day
The weather was reminding me that Wales is famous for its many varied types of rain....
so Andrew decided to go for a covered large container facing onto another larger quarry than the first day, here were more roe, fig 11s, gongs and a stinking great Mouflon ram!!
I started on a CZ455 in 17HMR and another in 22WMR, which was close in weight as my Mauser. I practiced taking unsupported shots standing.
Which was interesting to say the least.
Having got to the point of feeling confident I moved onto my Mauser. I ended up taking the 10 inch gong 5 shots out of 5!!

(again trust me the steel plates are out there!!)

We then moved onto shooting off sticks, using the surrounding features, trees and the like. I ended up shooting off sticks out to 300 yards. Lovely!!
I was very, very happy.
Eventually the light started to fade so we decide to call it, and drive back to Andrew's.
We finished up with more tea and Helena's home made cakes.
Awesome two days, and I will be definitely going again.
Thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
I shot over 180 rounds of 6.5 and just as much of the smaller stuff.
I had major fun and more importantly I learnt a lot from a really great teacher.
Thanks Andrew!!

Wrens Mews

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Nice write up but you should have been taught in MOA or Mils and not clicks! Much quicker and more accurate, it is also easier to remember and record.