2 wks, 4 days & no sign of that teckle - can I ask for help EVERYWHERE. ?

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In West Berks UK, there is a great deal of support for wanting to find Spartacus, but if he has been taken further afield he/i'll need help further afield and hope you will keep your eyes peeled and noses to the ground, please. Any contacts you have in your dog or teckle worlds would be greatly appreciated.
He is fit and strong a wire haired 'wild boar' intact male as depicted. Extra distinguishing marks are his tattoo in his ear, a white flash on his chest.

He is micro-chipped and he would respond to his name (Spartacus), or probably 'sit', if you didn't want to recreate the I'm Spartacus scene.

Any sightings appreciated. If it were possible to take a phone picture that would help. You can call directly on 07789713766, see details on attached poster, or PM me here - I could probably send a more specific poster than that attached below

I'm confident he hasn't gone to ground. I think he was picked up (he had escaped and was last seen racing for home). If he has been put to breeding I felt this might be a good site to possibly find him, as most wouldn't know what a teckle does. If he is merely a house dog, then Lord help him and his captors, I think he would turn on them.

He has a facebook page via https://www.facebook.com/moonbeam.mahone.1
He is listed on many dogs lost sites, but the following is the one that I work with most:

Am postering all the time, if you could too asking your vet, sanctuary or local authority to put a up a poster, I hope to make him too hot to handle, or at least maximise a chance of his return.

Really hate to be asking this, but can't let the little fella down by not asking and I know you to be sympathetic to the working dog relationship.

Many thanks for reading this and considering this cause. there will be updates (fingers crossed), He is my best friend, and I his.
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I've got three mate. I truely hope you're reunited. I'm south Cumbria based but I'll keep an eye out. I know several folk with teckels etc. Have a look on pets4home website too.

I was only speaking to my vet last month about gps micro chips because of events like this. Incase he has been stolen. Try reverse psychology and advertise that you are wanting to purchase a male wire teckel.
Why don't you think he could have gone to ground have you checked badger setts locally can't hurt to look round hope you find him
Good thinking Weeman! like the reverse psychology bit. The worst part of losing the dog is the helplessness and so this is a positive new tack to take :eek:)
Give me a call if you learn anything at all. I send updates here if I do too.
Best wishes,
Hi Shakey Jake,

I don't think he went to ground for heaps of reasons, even if sometimes I hope he has and will emerge.
The gamekeepers here are aware of the badger scene, the sets have been checked and there has been no activity. T
he gamekeepers around here too have even installed infra red cameras in what they consider the most likely spots.
Since Spart's disappearance almost three weeks ago, there have been shoots around here with dogs and beaters - all aware of the missing hound.
There have been a lot of people and dogs listening at holes, hedgerows etc
He is a smart dog, he was built for going to ground, he hasn't yet -which ok isn't reason to rule it out. He was last seen racing for home which was 20 paces away. He was racing past rabbits, he was on a mission to get back - perhaps because the female (not in season) he was out with had suffered a deep cut, and he is the sort of dog that would responsibly want to let me know. If anything were to distract him from his desire to get back, a rabbit would be a good bet. He would have stopped for a car on the lane he would have needed to cross. He may well jump in a car if it stopped. The likelihood from his history, character and location is to be surmised is that he didn't go to ground. But I am still looking anyway! Hope you will too. :eek:) Marn Will send updates as I learn them.
It's been a while now and I would have thought I'd he had been picked up locally people would have tried to re unite him. I am sure you will have been in touch with local Land owners Game keepers and farmers but also maybe try asking at Vickers Game at Ashampstead as many stalkers and keepers locally drop in there.
This Cris, there's a poster at Vickers, but will go remind them. I fear he aint local no more.... but haven't given up, although bewildered with how to proceed. Thanks for writing, and please mention the poster next time you pop into Vickers. Spart can't be mentioned enough in deer/teckle/dog circles. Marn
Weeman you are a star, your looking is appreciated. I've been looking on those sites too. Shall explore the 'for sale' ads in magazines on a weekly basis. If you were to keep yer eye open there too or your local papers, he may just show up. ?

It's torturous letting the best friend down. You'll know how loyal they are, he always knew where I was....

Stick with us Weeman.
Weeman you are a star, your looking is appreciated. I've been looking on those sites too. Shall explore the 'for sale' ads in magazines on a weekly basis. If you were to keep yer eye open there too or your local papers, he may just show up. ?

It's torturous letting the best friend down. You'll know how loyal they are, he always knew where I was....

Stick with us Weeman.

From one teckel lover to another and a fellow stalker/sd member.
Few times a week I'm looking. I don't trust acum like know one else does. Fingers crossed mate.
You say he ran through rabbits, did he ?.. If he chased rabbit to warrens he may
have dug in and blocked himself in. I have seen this happen with Cubs in rabbits
warrens and had to be dug out. Luckily it had collar on.
Dear Weeman, logged in with the ambition to talk to you and then spot your missive! There is sort of news and no news. There is a Team Spartacus that has kept me boosted. They have been postering, door to dooring, social media-ing researching and seeking. From this it has been learnt there have been two possible sightings, 'a month' and '3 weeks' ago. I think this shows how the absolute blasting of the local area with his disappearance is starting to get strangers' confidence up to speak (it has taught me how folk won't talk unless invited to). Unless Spart turns up over Christmas I am going to initiate a Too Hot To Handle campaign. He is too good a dog not to be used or loved somewhere and his keeper is just have to be made so uncomfy as to give him up/let him go. I need as many folk as poss talking about him.
Anyways, the reason why I had you on my mind was that one of Team Spartacus has pointed a teckle out to me on Pets4homes, 10 miles out of Durham county. The pictures aren't great and the ad is gruff and intimidating, might you take a look at it for me and suggest the best approach of communicating with this person with the sad looking dogs who wants them to be stud. this not territory I am familiar with, I fell in love with Sparty's mum at the Game Fair and dealing with a breeder is new to me. Can you help with an idea on the sort of questions I could ask the guy to attempt to establish if it could be my lad, without the bloke running scared. The dog's credentials etc? ??
During this morning's thinking and talking I have to believe he has either been picked up by a domestic person who just thought he was adorable, or by someone who'd recognise a quality working dog. I knew this morning that I will need the teckle appreciators and deer people to help me. These are the people that know and can espy a good dog, and hopefully realise they should check tattoos and microchip details. I know that dog adored me. I adore him. But he is still awol, very sadly.
Any guidance, sharing, help or news is appreciated. Haven't given up and shan't, social media and others' support make it ridiculous to give up.
Thank you for sticking with us Weeman.
Best wishes,
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am adding two lines of social media that folk can (and hopefully will) share re MISSING TECKLE that needs to be found. All ethereal luck and support appreciated.



Its horrible when a dogs awol, worse still if it's been stolen.
The add you mentioned on pets4 homes,what makes you think it could be your dog?
Can you email the seller and ask for better pics of his stud dog and his parentage?
Could you identify your dog from said photos?
I quickly searched google in an attempt at Colombo, same number on there selling pug pups.

DASHHOUND (WIRE HAIRED TECKLE) | Peterlee, County Durham | Pets4Homes
Proven KC WHITE PUG for stud | Peterlee, County Durham | Pets4Homes