.20 cal bullets recall


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posted 18 July 2018 23:30
Recently purchased a couple boxes of these from Midway for a proven 204 Ruger load. While reloading I was seating bullets and felt a bit more resistance than 'normal'. It proved to be a .22 cal bullet (55 grain) that was in the box. I found a total of three of these in the box. I contacted Sierra and they acknowledged the recently discovered problem at their end (putting some .22 cal bullets in .20 cal boxes). Here is their news release.

July 06, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

We have discovered a product mix with Sierra Bullets projectile part number 1039, Lot Number 0120373435858GI. The product you have received may have .22 caliber bullets mixed in with the .20 bullets.

We sincerely apologize for this error and would like to send you a replacement box(es) directly. Please contact us via email at duane@sierrabullets.com or by phone 800-223-8799 x521, with the number of boxes you ordered along with your shipping address so we can send you replacements

Thank you,
Sierra Bullets
I just seen this on AR earlier for those interested. Sorry if you got it before. john
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That could have been very damaging to a novice reloader if he/she had managed to cycle a round. Another reason why I weigh batch my bullets. I have two Hornady bullets that were supposed to have weighed 55 gr - these weighed 62 gr.