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Sold: .20 Practical Covid forces sale, Price dropped £1000


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Built by Baldie Dave @ Valkyrie, Using a Tikka M595 action, altered to take the AI mag, First collected & shot in November 2017, Here under build,
.Screenshot_2020-06-29 Valkyrie Rifles - Home.png21272740_549675878696709_1676628721738176125_o.jpg21246323_549675885363375_8865984826629427168_o.jpg21272677_549675872030043_8121306457999542859_o.jpg21167903_549675978696699_2373073757789200702_o.jpg Rifle & Mod / die / bushing, ammunition / cases,BUT & scope bipod not inc, £1000. Price altered.
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stunning bit of kit Fin.

all the best with the sale from a fellow 20 cal lover.



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good evening ,was the £1500 the build price and now your selling it on or is the price your selling price? out of interest would the 20 cal have a longer barrel life than a 204? i have heard they can be shot out at under a 1000 rounds so not going down that road,also can 20 practical ammo be factory supplied or hand load only? thank you for your time.


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I read this away back in 2010 I think and found it rather fun.,
the better question is why care about it. If you can shoot enough to wear out a barrel you can afford a new one. I have a good friend with over 4K through his 20 tactical (almost the same case capacity as 20 Prac) and his will shoot like my new ones. The 20's on the 223 cases will have a life of 2000rd+ (most go twice that)