2001 Mannlicher Classic

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Chris Rob

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Hi all

I've been offered a very lightly used 2001 Mannlicher Classic in 6.5x55 & before I drive for 2 hours to have a look see I wondered if anyone knows anything about this older model or has first hand knowledge?

I've been assured it's in first class condition & has only been shot twice a year since new. I've done a web search but cannot find any info from that year of production.

Here's hoping




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Styer Classic

One of my friends has this rifle in 30 06 & its a very nice older style good build quality styer-unlike the new off the shelf cheeper models.

In 6.5x55 she should be a fab rifle, just take care with the quick release button on the bolt, as they can be a bugger on a Styer until you work out how they go back together in the dark on a cold morning!



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I have a delux grade in 222rem bought new about 3 years ago. It is a beautiful little rifle and very accurate.

The safety system on these new Mannlicher's is the best out there.

These rifles have gone way up in price recently.

If you like it, buy it.

Chris Rob

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Thanks for your replies guys, I'm going up to take a look at the Mannlicher Thursday afternoon so I'll let you know how it goes.



Chris Rob

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Paul O' Deer said:
Chris S said:
how did it go?

Went with Chris to collect the rifle today and all went well but I'm sure he will write a full report later on.
Now where did I put my hearing aid! :eek: :lol:


Have put a new post in the Rifle Review section.

Oh & Stoney boy, Paul needs an hearing aid cause he's deaf from the report of the 6.5x55 on the range. I dont talk much me, I'm the quiet retiring sort. :eek:

Cheers all
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