Available: 2014 trophy wild mouflon hunt in czech with sikamalc


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This is a chance to take a quality wild Mouflon ram over a 3 day hunt with 4 night stay for a very reasonable price. I will be attending myself and there will be space for 4 other hunters.

Details are as follows and included in the price:

Daily rate in Czech 3 days hunting on a 1x1 basis (I guide to 1 hunter) + day of arrival and departure.

Hunting licence and insurance

1 MOUFLON RAM with 185 - 190 cic measurements

All meals and refreshments.

Transportation within the hunt area.

Guides and translator

Field preparation of trophy

Transport to the local taxidermist

Veterinary export permits

Trophy evaluation based on CIC.

DOES not include:
Transport form airport, normally 300 euro per car.

trophy fees excluding the trophy already in the package.


packing and shipping of trophies.

Tips and gratuaties

OK now the finer details:
a/ if the client shoots a smaller ram he will pay less for the trophy fee.

b/ If the client shoots a bigger ram he will pay more, but if you do not want to shoot a really big ram there is no pressure to do so.

c/ If client wounds and losses a ram 50% of the fee is returned.

d/ If you miss the booked ram 70% of trophy fee is returned.

e/ If the client shoots his ram early he can hunt for the rest of the trip. Usually we can give a discount on a second ram and or a reasonable price for Wild Boar, Roe or Red Deer.

f/ If no chance is offered to shoot/take a ram then client is returned the full fee of 1300euros.

This trip is planned for the late October through to 15th November when the Mouflon are rutting. This is a fair chase hunt, no fences and the area is well known for outstanding trophy Mouflon. I will be escorting a group of 4 hunters, and taking your own rifles is not an issue with a EU FA passport.


For all those interested I can vouch personally for the operator and my Finnish friends organising the trip with me. I have hunted in Finland twice and have known both of them for a number of years. A trophy Mouflon ram is on many peoples wanted list and I will be there to oversee the taxidermy field prep and be on hand to help where needed.

If you want to go PM me and put your name down ASAP. Only 4 places available.

Thank you

Hi Malc,

I am really interested in this..

Is it possible to have a rough price for a representative boar aswell

Ive tried to get a picture or an idea off the internet of the size of ram that might be expected for the details given 185-190cic with not much luck.

Also what would you like as a securing deposit and when will that be required to secure a place.

Cheers for the phone call, see you soon



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Cheers Terry, I have some more photos of a recent trip, but am away tomorrow so will put them up on the site when I return.

One place taken then guys, 3 more to fill.


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Malc i really want to go. But i am onroute to buy my first house. Dont think the girlfriend would like it if I go and blow the money on hunting.
Maybe next time you go I'll have a bit more cash


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Mike it is likely to be the beginning of November as I am in Scotland with clients and the SD week in October. The prime rut time for Mouflon is late October to mid November, although December can also be good.

It looks as though I have 2 people already, and if you are in Mike you will be number 3. Once I have all 4 confirmed I will require a 500euro deposit to secure the place. But everyone will get a full pack and rundown on the hunt before deposits are received.

Thank you


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Aye, I know how you feel Terry, that scrumbag is hard to put up with right enough.....

Should be a laugh, hopefully we'll all bag a good'un.
Looking forward to the trip already


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mouflon 2.JPG

Here's another nice ram taken this past season. Lovely looking animals and looking forward to the crack with you all.

Sandra already has a place for me to hang one on the wall, along with all the other trophies I am now mounting from several previous trips to Africa :D
What about extending the trip to two nights in Prague :love:

Trev, really looking forward to it myself as theres a great bunch of lads going.. you never know scrummy might pull out :lol:

Looking forward to hunting with you again Mike ;)