Available: 2018 Buffalo Hunts: South Africa

Umlilo Safaris

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South Africa Buff Hunts remaining on quota (hunt solid-hard bossed bulls only!)
33 - 36": from £6000 (3 days/4 nights)....4 remaining on quota
38 - 41": from £8000 (5 days/6 nights)....multiple on quota
Old Cows: from £3000 (3 days/4 nights)....3 remaining on quota
Bull/Cow Combo: from £9000 (5 days/6 nights)...3 remaining on quota
We have access to buff bulls up to 45 inches….if you are after monster size
If big solid bosses are what you looking for: we have taken numerous 17"+ the past 2 seasons.
These are buffalo hunts: not just shoot it like in a zoo.
Our hunts all have good stories to be told afterwards, buff are just too important to do it any other way!
Email: umlilosafaris@kirkwood.co.za
Francois Dorfling