2019 and a touch of green


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I walked up to a velvet stag yesterday morning to 15 yards in heavy cover. He stood @ 15 then turned on a thruppence. On walking back down gully I found my first rub it was really only a "knock" for 2019 with a few cursory hits on the bark.
Mind you most of the big boys do not rub out until May but to see a bit of green on a trunk was elevating.There wasnt much but better than seeing the rest of the dry old rubs.
I`m off again shortly.



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Yes at the time I noted the 'best' tree to attach to,its a little far but better than none.
The velvet stag will come past it at some stage even to sniff the others.
Its in an awkward out of the way spot so the camera would stay for a while I imagine if deployed there.


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Hello John

Cant wait to see the output from the Trail-Cam, if you wouldnt mind please.