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Subject: Icelandic Safari 2021 - Hunt report & 2022 forecast.


We have returned from another trip to Iceland with 100% success – ALL hunters taking Reindeer bulls on the first day of their hunt.

However, we had to work for them! The guys having to ride up to 15km on the 6x6 ATVs, just to locate the herd and get to a point where they could start their stalk! This resulted in 14-16 hour hunting days and a bunch of tired but happy hunters!

JD NI Bull.jpg

This brings our results to twelve hunts conducted, with ALL of the hunters taking their beast during day One. Obviously, weather could influence this run, however it seems likely that you will have opportunity to shoot your deer in the first day. We have also extended our river access to a further 16km of awesome salmon fishing (several excellent Salmon taken during our visit) over water that also has great numbers of big Brown trout and Arctic Char. Geese numbers will vary dependent on food availability, however with over 18,000 acres permission, we should be able to find one or two!

It is apparent that the Reindeer have moved to the absolute perimeter of Area 2 while the herd size has reduced from an average of three hundred, to groups of up to one hundred and fifty beasts. This is confirmed by the local guides who have seen the deer steadily moving off into the adjacent rougher terrain of Area 1.

BE UK.jpg

So, next season we are considering moving hunting areas to follow them. Much rougher ground means that hunting 2-1 is not viable - the ground is just too extreme to attempt to extract two carcasses and three men on a single ATV.

Unsurprisingly, COVID price increases have also been found in Iceland, with food, fuel, accommodation and guiding fees rising by up to twenty percent. This means our prices for the 2022 hunt will be as listed below.

Icelandic Reindeer Bull: £2165

Reindeer Cow: £1890

Includes *Government issued tag, *up to 3 days food & accommodation, *Off-road hunt transport,

*one day 1-1 guided hunting, *two days opportunity for Game fishing & Goose shooting.

*Field preparation of your trophy

River access (from midday to 8pm) costs around £60, if required. Fish that you choose to keep will generally be cooked and served as your evening meal. Season runs from 15th Jul to 15th Sept, mature bulls being in hard antler (under velvet) from early August. Goose season opens from the 20th August allowing you to enjoy a combination Reindeer/Geese/Game Fishing safari.


Should you be interested in joining us and entering the draw for a 2022 tag, then please let me know shortly and we can make a plan.

Previous seasons report here: Icelandic reindeer jaunt

Best wishes and looking forward to hunting with you next year!

Ian Farrington

Tel/Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7798 771 062
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Putting in for tags shortly folks. Please contact me if you would like further information.

The latest bill from our gracious .gov is suggesting that the import of Reindeer trophies will be banned - a concern if you wish to bring back trophies to the UK.

There is still a lot of doubt as to whether this is the final form of the bill, or whether non ' endangered-species' will be removed as part of the political horse-trading that accompanies the passage of a bill through the Commons & the Lords. We shall see! The government have a lot of priorities to be addressed, before time is found to allow the bill to proceed. It has taken three years to get to this stage, so we may be waiting a while yet.

Best wishes