.204 Baffle for P12 or evo used with .223


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Has anyone tryed using or measured a .204 baffle stack to see if a .224 bullet will fit through? Thinking of maximum noise reduction for my .223

Cheers Ali


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I use a 20cal DPT on my .224, there is bags of room as they, (DPT) erring on the side of caution, offer a 0.6mm radial clearance.
This is pretty common with most manufacturers.

I would advise you to ,measure it first ... a .224 bullet is 5.7mm in diameter, anything 6mm or larger would be fine (assuming your threads are aligned with the barrels bore).


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Cheers for the reply fellas.

Hairlesshuter: if i cant get anymore info on the stack il give them a phone, iv tried emailing before but had no reply but might have more luck with a phone call.

Mike: im thinking along the same lines as you, if its 0.3mm bigger than the bullet id be happy with that. If anyone on here has one and a vernier that could give it a measure for me that would be a huge help, failing that i might just give uk custom shop a phone.