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i know it has little to do with deer stalking but has any one got a 204? im thinking of spending a serious amount of money on a bespoke varminter and would fancy it in .204. ive read some negative comments recently so would be keen for you sages to pass on some of your solon like wisdom. :lol:


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hello 300, saw an article about the .20 satan in the shooting sports and it sounded just the job. main trouble is im too lazy to reload! i dont know alot about the tac, do you know where i can get some info?


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Hi Big Dan

A mate of mine has just got a howa in .204 and to say he's happy with it would be a understatement . he's had 17hmr ,223, and a 243 all for mr fox
and he swears this howa is the best rifle he has ever had and he loves .204
as well

I have herd that they can be a bit of a barrel burner , but i remember getting told that about 22.250, and i dont see many complaints from those guys

so who knows


Ben Bain

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20 Tac is the one to go for out of the .20 calibres but you need to relaod for it. It all depends on what your using it for. I nearly spent a small fortune on a custom .204 but im glad i didnt in the end. Lets face it, if your buying a .20 calibre its more than likely going to be used for foxing and i bet 95% of foxes shot are under 200 yards. As flat shooting as the .20 cals are they give no real advantage over normal foxing ranges than a .22 CF



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From what I can make out, 99% of the people who slag off 204s have never owned one. I have a .17HMR, a .22-250 (dedicated NV rig) and two .308s (one's a stalking rifle, the other a long-range tool). That leaves me with a gap for a lightweight rifle for long-range daylight varminting - I chose .204R as the answer to my needs. If the Devon & Cornwall Firearms Dept. ever get my FAC back to me, I'll be buying one ASAP. My problem, however, is finding a decent quality rifle in this calibre:

Sauer (my first choice) don't make a .204R, and getting a barrel made for one seems nigh-on impossible (Border can't help).
I thought the Sako 85 action was nasty - the bolt rattled around like a stone in a tin can.
Kimbers don't have detachable mags (but they do hold 6 rounds, so I might waver on that one).
I'd prefer a better quality rifle than the CZ.
Tikkas and Howas don't float my boat.


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get a 20TAC built on a predator or batt action , this caliber is the best of the 20s firing a 39grn bullet at 4000fps for 39grns of powder . True most foxes are killed inside 200yrds at night but if you want a round that will get the long ones the TACs for you

jay 22

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all i can say bigdan is dont spend a massive amount of money on a 204 build !! IF YOUR NOT GOING TO RELOAD your be wasting your money. putting factory ammo through a custom made rifle. it wont offer you anything over a factory rifle with factory ammo will do.

its like having a top of the range sports car and not putting the best high octane petrol in it. if your going to reload by all means get the custom build if you have the money to.

marc g

have you looked at a savage? i have a 12fv in 204 the stock is pretty rubbish, but i will be changeing it shortly, the action and barrel are nice though.


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I have owned one a 204R Cooper

Great small calibre

If you don't reload them 204 in the 20's is your lot

By the way they are not barrel burner.



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I'm never going to reload (yes i know you've heard that before) but if i was going to use one out of the box what would you recommend

(apologies for deviating the thread)

Martin :)


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With a limited knowledge of centrefires... my ideal tool for the work i currently do would be a SAKO 75 action in 204 (note i said 'ideal' as in if it were possible) i stand to be corrected :)



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A racecource.. main issues are Canadas, rabbit and fox (longer ranges than the Finnfire can cope with)
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