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Sold: 20G Beretta Silver Pigeon Delux 30" M/C stunning wood

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Purchased a couple of weeks ago just before the end of the season.
I always have to raise the combs on my guns (high cheek bones, small head)
Convinced myself the comb was high enough for me. Shot the last two days of the season and it was obviously too low.
Its standard Beretta dimension 38mm -58mm.

Beautiful piece of wood (too pretty to comb raise).
Only fire 100 carts, unmarked, case, oil, chokes etc not even registered it with Beretta.

I paid £1925 and accept that i am going to take a hit on it so £1750

Am at the Shooting show on Friday and travelling up the M5 on Thursday.

PM me to discuss




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Beretta woodwork can range from balsa wood-railway sleeper-honey & treacle and this one for it's grade is as good as you can expect or wish for. The difference in price from what you could get off a new one is a bit over but good luck with the sale.


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LOP= 14 1/2"
to Heel = 14 7/8"
to toe = 15"

but they are standard beretta pads so you can go plus minus 1/2" ish

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