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For Sale: 20ga O/U 12ga SxS and .222 B/A

Big Mat

Well-Known Member
20ga O/U , 12ga S/S and .222 B/A

Silma Mod 70 20ga over under, 3" chamber, ejector, multi choke, single trigger, 30" barrels £500

Viceroy 12ga side by side 26" barrels, non ejector , 1/4 1/2 chokes 2 3/4" chamber £75

Parker Hale Safari .222 bolt action, nikko 3-9x40 scope, detachable mag, not screw cut. £250

Pictures are avalible

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Big Mat

Well-Known Member
All of these are still for sale and I am open to offers as i need them gone!

I'll also chuck in whatevery 20ga reloading supplies I have, if you want to load your own cartridges!
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Well-Known Member
cheers big man

just about to get shot of my 12 and fancy a wee 20 bore for what shooting I do,

thank you and good luck with the sale,


Big Mat

Well-Known Member
20ga £350
12ga £40
.222 £135

Need these out of my cabinet, will trade them in if needs be!

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Big Mat

Well-Known Member
All these 3 are still available, need to free up cabinet space

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