22.250 reloading


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hi. i stalk roe deer in scotland and control foxes in england with my remington 22.250,
i am hoping the laws will change so i can use it for small deer in england.
i want to reload with a 50 grain ssp, does anyone have any good brews they can suggest , my husband uses vhit 140 for his reloading but not in 22.250 would this be ok to use for my 22.250 :???:


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According to my old VIHT. reloading guide you can use a MAX. charge of 37 GRAINS with a 50gr. bullet, however they recommend a starting charge 10-15% LESS.


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In my old 22-250 I used 33 grains H335 with 50g heads... never put my chrono on the rounds but thhey were very accurate... happy to take Charlie out to 300yds...


Hi Ladystalker

I use Vhit 140 for .308 and .22-250 have tried 50 grn spsx head but get a tighter group with 55 grn head

35.4 grn 140 55 grn spsx [best load 15 mm 3 shot 100 yds]
36 grn 140 50 grn spsx [ 25 mm 3 shot 100 yds]

hope this helps