.22 in necked down .243

paul k

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I was just shown a photo of a group shot with a hand loaded 70 grain .22 rounds in a necked down .243 case. The rounds have 2400 at the muzzle and go out at 3600 fps.

The group of four shots was about 1.25" and three shots overlapped, not outstanding until you consider the range was 740 yards!!!

The rifle is used on foxes and basically if you can see it it's dead.

Anyone else have experience of these rounds?.


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I know two people who own one of these calibres, although I do not see them much these days.

They are known as MAX calibres and they had a chap in Florida make them, and sometime back they were hoping to produce them in this country. I do know that the 22 Max, which i have fired is a very very fast flat shooting round, and I also know he was using this illegal calibre to shoot Red Deer with :eek:. And he was a fully employed keeper on a scottish estate and the other man was the under keeper :rolleyes:

Anyway he had to molly coat every bullet and I think the barrel lasted about 1000 rounds. He had two new barrels in the time that I knew him, and also I believe had a similar rifle in another MAX calibre but I cannot remember what calibre it was, but 25MAX springs to mind.

I believe they wanted 10K a rifle over here, which to me is a waste of money for a calibre that is illegal for deer anyway. Trouble is you cant use it in heavy rain or high winds, and if it touched anything on the way to the target the bullet disintegrates.


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Back in the years following WWII there was a fellow who was necking down .257 Roberts cases to .224" and shooting 80 grain bullets from a 1:8" twist barrel at very long ranges. The caliber was designated the .224 Clark and was intended to be a hunting round. Despite great acciuracy and published kills the shooting world pretty much ignored him. It proves two things: This Clark fellow was way ahead of his time and that there is little new in the shooting world! ~Muir


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I might be being thick but I cannot see the point.

The 243 will launch a 70gr at 3600 if hand loaded a 243AI will do it with ease.


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But the thicker diameter will mean it will loose velocity faster and drift more than the .22. Nothing a good ballistics programe combined with target turrets could not resolve though. You would also get better barrel life from the 243, maybe 1500 at those speeds.