22 Nosler ?


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It's designed for an ar type rifle. No real gains over .22-250 or .22 swift in a bolt action. Noted re the .223 rebarrel. Bit of extra zip probably useful in a tight twist pushing heavier bullets.
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A little thread from when it got announced .22 Nosler

It's an interesting option if you have a 223 length action and want something a little more but not too much but I would wait to see if brass is as easy to get as some think it'll be. Apparently a massive order is hitting our shores in the next few weeks but I don't know exactly how much.


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GEEZ LOUISE....NOT ANOTHER.....Maybe we will one day have the 56 Nosler...we will pray to God....Finally the perfect calibre, the end all of all calibres...It will kill everything, even if you blink your eyes

Will this fit into my Ar-15? Will I have to replace my 20 30 round mags? What then do I do with the 5,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo that I have preparing for SHTF....and the other thousands of 5.56 brass...I mean dude help me...and then there is barrel wear...this is also going to require more powder...what about the brass, how much is that going to cost?...If the powers at hand were so stupid why did they create the 5.56 in the first place as opposed to this high octane power ranger, dyno charger...!

I could tolerate the 26 and even 28 Nosler, but isn't this getting out of hand? Am I cuckoo?

My rant for tonight...good night.
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"Modern sporting rifle" i.e. using AR-15 for range shooting and hunting seems to have taken off in US.

You can buy complete upper lower in 22 Nosler for $400, a 6.8SPC mag for few tenners more. After that it'd be few seconds to swap between your SHTF/plinking upper and new shiny 22 Nosler upper for e.g. coyotes. Of course optics are needed also.

I can see the appeal, you can even use existing spare parts (extractor etc). Might even be tempted myself when it comes time for rebarrel, seems I could move from 40gr to 55gr and keep the trajectory I want (using conservative numbers, 5% more MV than 223).