22 rim fire advice please


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I am intending to buy my first 22 rf and am looking for advice and recommendations

What are the pros and cons of semi auto. compared to bolt action ? Accuracy, reliability, convenience, unloading to make safe.

Which brand do users prefer and what barrel length

How much scope is recommended, I assume use is within 100yds !

Has anyone used a red dot on a 22 and if so to what effect

Many thanks. Steven
I think you need to let us know what your intended use is!

Lots of people shooting .22 beyond 100yds. Great training tool and cheap on the wallet as well.

A red dot would probably be more suited to a semi-auto for mini rifle type competitions. If you want long range accuracy, a scope is the way to go!
The intended use is rabbits, squirrels, crows etc. and as you suggest economical practice.

A bolt action might be your best bet for pest control then. Although you can get very accurate semi-autos, the usual wisdom is that a BA will be more accurate with less work done to it.

You’d do well with any of these as a cheap starter:
Anschutz 1416, .22 LR
Contessa steel picatinny rail (Alan Rhone Store)
SAK moderator
500+ rounds (Eley Subsonic)

Hi all,

I’m selling my Anschutz .22LR as it doesn’t get used. As seen in the photos with:

- Bolt Action rifle
- 10 shot mag
- Parker Hale moderator
- Yukon Sentinel NV with built in IR
- Doubler to increase magnification to x 5
- Nightmaster 400 additional IR
- QR and adjustable mount for above.

This is a very accurate rifle which has accounted for quite a few rabbits and odd close range foxes. The built in IR is good out to about 70-80m as it is. Some cosmetic scratches on stock but otherwise a sound rifle.

£450 including RFD transfer or less if face to face.


Cz 452 style composite in 22lr, 20 inch barrel 1/2 unf, Bushnell legend 5-15x40 ao scope mildot very clear and good with a pard, sportsmatch mounts , 2 x magazines 5/10 , clean gun and very accurate with eley subs , £275 including rfd

Bowland blades

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We have cz 452 varmints here with 6x42 s & bender . Sound moderators. Work great use them out to over 100 yards but a small cf is way better for crows .
Ground game , rats , squirrels 22 subsonic, 22 hv ( velocitors ) and cci quiet target spec if you shooting up into the trees , these are reduced velocity and shooting upwards mean they ain't so curvey ( similar fall out range as fac air )
Autos in rf I don't like


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Just purchased a cz457 royal and it is a thing of beauty, with the exception of the writing down the side of the stock. It was either this or a Tikka T1. The tikka is highly rated but appears to only be synthetic. As a traditionalist I opted for a rifle with a wooden stock. My friend has a Anschutz 1761 thumb hole, which is a lovely rifle but too much money for a rim fire IMO. I grew up using a 10/22 which was an old beaten up farm gun -was great fun to use but did jam regularly.


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Tikka T1X. Fantastic rifle. Drops into T3 stock. Superb trigger and above all, very, very accurate. I have purchased three. One i converted to a target rifle in a KRG chassis, one I kept stock for hunting, and one I gave to girlfriend. All bughole accurate. ~Muir

PS: No red dot. Why have a dot that covers the entire group size of the rifle? A 2-7X variable would work well.


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I got two..
Brno mod 2, first year production
Anschutz biathlon rifle, model before Fortner.

One for stalking and one for 2-300m.

Models I would recommend:
Brno #1, #2, #5 (anything before 67)
CZ 452 American / Varmint
Anschutz with 54 action
Sako P94S
CZ 455 Stainless
Volquartzen 10/22


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Shout out here for Weihrauchs. Weak ejection is slightly annoying but sublime triggers, probably the best you'll find on any rimfire.
Sako, Tikka, Weihrauch, Anschutz, CZ, Ruger all good. Really it's a case of getting to a dealer and handling a few, feel the triggers and see which one you're drawn to (and which fits you).

One thing I will say is don't bother with a barrel over 16". Preferably stick with 14". Longer barrels gain you nothing whatever in performance and can in fact lose you a bit, especially with subsonics. They get in the way and you don't need the stability of longer barrels at rimfire ranges.