.222 & 22-250 bullets for fox and deer

Offroad Gary

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anyone reccomend a good bullet to use in both for fox and deer where legal. the .222 is for me and i was going to knock up a few for a friend in 22-250 who doesnt reload.


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Good Yin

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you made me laff :D :D :D

i dont have a problem with anyone who can shoot what they want as long aas its accurate and humane. Varmint-MAX will not go down well with the BDS beardies though.

oh neither does SSG out a winchester pump :eek:

Have at it


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Years ago in another country I shot Sika , Reds and Hybrids with the Hornady 60gr. softpoint and the Sierra 63gr. semi-pointed bullets fired from a Tikka Continental .22/250 rifle with a one-in- twelve twist .

I do not think these would be suitable for a .222 though.


Offroad Gary

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thanks for the feedback - i think i shall take advive from the man in the reloading shop. i suspect 50gn ballistic tip will be his advice.


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Noslers own website states that in VARMINT WEIGHTS the bullet is constructed for INSTANTANEOUS , VIOLENT EXPANSION .
Irrespective of what your re-loading supplier may think this is not a bullet designed for the humane shooting of any Deer.


Offroad Gary

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found it! shot with a .223

note the shot placement through the shoulder, these 2 were shot on the edge of a massive rape field, didnt want any runners which may have happened with a heart/lung shot. they dropped on the spot and died instantly. meat damage was minimal.

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Hornady SP WC

Hornady do 55 grain SP with or without a canalure that are spot on for fox and small deer using a 222. I push the ones with canalures at just shy of 3000 fps with Viht N130 and have used them to shoot day time foxes out to 275 yards but you need to have a good play at different ranges as the drop is quite rapid after 200 yds.

the best bit is they are cheap as chips from my RFD at £9.95 for a box of 100:D:D:D


Offroad Gary

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Wow that bought back some memories of a busy morning! I think I will go and have a look in that spot again, and take a proper calibre this time.


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60 gn V max!!!!!!!!!!

However for the politically correct members of the site, Bruce Potts did an article for ST in 2010 which he researched best selection of .224 bullets for deer. He looked at both light bullets for standard twist and heavies for the tight twists (1:8) so its a good article. However I profoundly disagree wuth his reference bullet which was a 40 gn V max, which was inappropriate as it not even deer legal in Scotland (? 50 gn is mininimium). Also the ballistic effects on balistic material can not be compared to the chest of a roe, but that is a completely difrerent subject.

I have a copy and was reading it last night but for the life of me cannot remember the best bullet, but 65gn Sierra game king does come to mind.

I will post correct data tomorrow.



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I can save you the bother as the link for the ST article you quote follows:-


Your thread is a variation on an earlier topic which covers similar ground:-


Not all of us have access to BP's superfast-twist .22 SATAN :D but the .22-250 is a halfway house between this bit of whimsy and a standard .223.

The .22-250 will handle heavy bullets better than the .223 because it's higher velocity will spin these faster. The spin rate is what this is really all about.

This article confirms that:-

1. A std. 223 will handle all bulletweights up to 65 grains including boattailSP designs.

2. The lighter bullets are equally at home in a fast 1:8 twist as in a slower 1:12.

3. The 75 grain needlepoint jobs are tricky to shoot out of any .223. To quote BP...

"even in the (.223) 1-in-9 twist RPA it proved unstable.I loaded it in the .22 Satan at a blistering 3,422fps velocity and it was stable."

I've used 63 grain Sierra SMP in a .222 and a .223. This heavyweight shoots well in both, but a .22-250 shoots these a lot flatter so I use this for them.