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Wanted: .222/.223 magazine(s)


Well-Known Member

I'm doing a .222 build on a short action Interarms Mauser 98 action. Yes, I know, it CAN'T be done..:doh:

Of course it can...

In any case, it's an exciting project. I'm shortening the action and re-welding it together, then shortening the bolt to make a true Mauser 98 micro action, not the typical CZ stuff:D

However, of course the feed rails are too far apart in the mag weld, so I am looking to build an integral single stack or double stack single feed magazine that will lock into the floor plate, the excess areas around the top of the mag in the original mag weld will be filled with a top welded cover.

Therefore in order to try and find a good mag solution, I'm looking for any .222 or .223 magazines that you can spare, no matter how old or dinky they are, even if they are just in component parts or springs and followers.

Being a big experiment, I'm looking for parts that you can spare as not beeing needed (ie. I'm not looking to 'buy':D)

and yes, the bolt face will need to be welded to a much smaller diameter too, and yes, I know about the heat treatment issue in the locking lugs:lol:

let me know if you can help.

thanks in advance, whether it be for something or nothing ;)


Well-Known Member
In any case, it's an exciting project. I'm shortening the action and re-welding it together, then shortening the bolt to make a true Mauser 98 micro action, not the typical CZ stuff:D
First off, I am not sure I should start a discussion on here about this - feel free to tell me I am taking a liberty.
I find your comment interesting. The CZ bolt is a miniature version of a Mauser action. I am not a fan of bolts with integral extractors in most instances. What is it you mean by "Not the usual CZ stuff?"

My question is one born of a genuine interest. I am a big fan of Brno and some of the later CZ rifles.

And in answer to your request, no sorry, I don't have any magazine bits but if you had a spring it isn't too hard to fabricate one. I do a conversion on the CZ rifles which reduces the magazine length and gets rid of the military look of the rifle - it includes milling the trigger guard assembly a little but it really does make a big difference to the look of the rifle.


Well-Known Member
I know the CZ/BRNO's really well and have owned many, they are great. However, I have a passion for 'true' mauser 98's and hence my upcoming project. Clearly people have been doing this for decades but usually leaving them as single shot to overcome the feeding issues. When I say 'not usual CZ stuff' I refer to it being CZ trigger restrictions, the 'wrong way' safety, the CZ bolt handles, etc. etc. etc.

I have plenty of springs and followers for larger mags and systems, but I am thinking springs and followers and/or magazines for smaller .222's and .223's will be easier to convert and insert into the M98 mag weld.

My other considerations include laser welding further protruding feed rails on to the M98 and filing them to rest well as a double stack with the small .222 type cases, then tig welding up an M98 follower and re-machining it to the smaller case..that's the 'ideal', but I just think a single feed mag type system will work smoother.

don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with the CZ and BRNO's,,it's just not the 'real M98' to me.


Well-Known Member
At the risk of being rude and I am not trying to be, I think the idea of a "cut and shut" 98 doesn't do it for me. However I do wonder if you could bring down the blessings of 527 owners everywhere if you could design and build a new bolt shroud that made a Win 70 style three position safety for a 527. They are available for 550s and would probably transform the 527.

Sorry for the partial hijack.

Best wishes,