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Wanted: .222 Cases wanted


Well-Known Member
As above,running a bit low due to losses/splits etc,prefer Norma or similar and a decent quantity of once fired.

night stalker

Well-Known Member
I had 40 Norma cases from factory ammo and after 2 reloads (full lengthed) I got a sharp ridge round the base/web of the case so I scrapped them. I used the same load I use in my lapua match and Remington cases.

I use Norma in my 25-06 (270 necked down) and have never had problems with that.


night stalker

Well-Known Member
Photo was on my old phone it was after sizing and looked like standard case head separation but couldn't understand why it would happen on the 3rd full length sizing as it doesn't happen wih any other case makes I've tried.


Well-Known Member
how odd
what loads?
would love to see them if you find it

I use norma exclusively in 5 cartridges
IMO the softer brass they use for their own brand is infinitely less prone to work hardening and case head separation due to fatigue