.222 on muntjac

Offroad Gary

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anyone done it?
how did you get on?
enough gun?

please only respond with facts, not personal views.
dont want a debate/argument, just facts.

thanks in advace

(reason for asking is that i have the chance of a nice little gun, which would be used for foxing and maybe a chance munty (or a bagpipe playing/kilt wearing roe ;) )



I thought long and hard before posting a reply due to peoples opinions
so here go's.
I shoot muntjac regular with my .222 and they all drop on the spot.
I first had a CZ in .222 and was so impressed that when i bought my R93 i decided to get a barrel in .222 and wouldnt be parted from it now,and so in my humble opinion they do the job.
Now going to get my head down and wait for the incomming ;)


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222 for munties

Myself and duncan now only use a 222 for these deer locally . Having shot well over 1000 roe in scotland with one in the last 25 years plus i find they do a good job on them. Bullet placement is vital as is the correct bullet , there are to many varmint bullets out there in use and you only hear of success not lost deer . I have always used nosler solid base 50 grn heads but am now down to my last batch of these and would be interested in what others use in theres for these small deer . If any body knows of a source of these heads i would love to know as i dont think they make them any more MUDDY


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I have been thinking about this for a while. I have a 222rem which is very accurate with 50gr Vmax. I would love to use it on Scottish Roe or Munty's.

Would a 55gr Hornady SPBT be more suitable than the Vmax? I have shot a lot of foxes with the Vmax, always get exit's without signs of over expansion.


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I am sure .222 will be fine. I have taken roe with .22/250 and that was fine. As above bullet placement is important. I recently got a 30-06 instead of my .243 and the police were entirely happy to add munties and cwd to my .22/250 ticket.