.222 Rem


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Does anybody else reload for this? I have only ever loaded 50 and 55 grain Hornady V-Max in mine. I find that 20.5 grains of 4198 works fine for either and gives me a very accurate round. I was wondering if anyone had used the 40 grainers, as I was considering trying some. I load them for my Hornet, at around the 3000 fps mark, but I hear stories of 4000 fps in the 222. Just wondered if this is right, may be tempted to try them.




You don't get close to 4000fps with the .222mag let alone the standard .222.

If you want 4000fps with 40 gr head you'll need to up rate to a .220swift


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With your powder 4198 and a 40grn head mate you will get about 3200 fps max mate. I use 52 grn amax in my 222 and its currently running at about 2950fps although not the max load it is the most accurate.

hi there mate im new to the forum but have been hunting and reloading for quight a few years and one of my best rounds used near daily is my .222rem
you will never get anywhere near the 4000fps with the powder or heads you are using the best i know of is a 3659fps and this is with a 35gr hornady v-max round loaded into winchester brass small rifle cci primer and a load of 20.8grs of imr 4198 powder
i9 personaly use in my .222rem a mix of win brass small cci primer and speer 48gr sp with a load of 20.0grs h4895 this is my start load and gives me about 2466fps wich is fine for everything i need it for though a friend of mine uses the same set up but with a compressed charge of 23.8grs and gets about 3022fps from his
i hope this can help you in your quest and all measurements are stated for me and my rifle they work fine for me but may be diffrent for you so take care and good luck :D


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I've just come in from my cold garage having completed a new batch of rounds for my .222
I use Sierrra 55grn hpt bt, pushed by 19.5 of R7 and a cci small rifle primer. I used the R7 this time because I found half a tin at the back of the cupboard that I didn't realise I still had.
I normally use H4198 x 19grns. Both loads have given very accurate and devastating performance in the past so I can happily recommend them but as regards velocity, no idea! all I know is that they work and Foxes don't like them.
yer the .222 is old foxeys worst nightmare i have just got some speer 48gr hollow falt noses am going to load the the same and see what they run like :lol:


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I've been neglecting this thread sorry, I see that it has now bumped back into life again. Don't get me wrong never have been or never will be interested in getting the highest speed, I much prefer accuracy. It's just that I was told about these rocket ship speeds and was in no position to argue, I had only just got my 222 and loaded the first rounds. I am still on the same loads for my 55 grainers, and cannot seem to work up the enthusiasm to fix it if it ain't broke ;) Thanks for the interest.