Sold: 222 Tikka T3 Lite Stainless


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Tikka T3 Lite
Synthetic Stainless rifle in .222 Rem. (Scope and rings not included)
20 3/4" barrel screw cut for 14x1mm mod.
This rifle is clean with very few marks and shoots very well.
4 shot magazine.
This rifle has had about 300 rounds through it. I had it Bore Scope inspected and they agreed with my estimate.
Approx. 25 rounds of Federal Power Shok and Federal V Shok included.


WP_20180805_12_25_23_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_25_50_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_25_56_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_26_01_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_26_37_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_26_42_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_26_47_Pro.jpg WP_20180805_12_27_15_Pro.jpg
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Pm sent if we can sort something out I’ll provisionally have it
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Uncle Buck

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I’m really surprised this hasn’t sold it’s at reasonable money and a Tikka
If I was on the market for a 222.
I’d have broke your fingers.
Best of luck with the sale

Buck :thumb: