tony rentokil

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Getting my foxing rifle sorted this weekend, its a cz 222 remington,what would you guys recommend,regarding factory ammo?
make,weight etc,I know it depends on what the rifle,likes or not put I need a starting point,
Thank you..


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I've shot 14 foxes with PPU 50 grain factory ammunition from my .222 in the last 3 months. 3 ran 50 to 80 yards before expiring, another is still running. All were broadside chest shots at 40 to 85 yards.
They're not expanding well enough and I won't be buying any more.


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I picked up a beautiful Weihrauch in 222 recently and it came with a box of PPU and Winchester, both 50 grain. The PPU grouped terribly while the Winchester were 0.8 inch. The Winchester were £20 something while the PPU were £12 so would have loved the PPU to be better. I've gone down the home loading route instead as I want the accuracy and reliability I get from home loads.


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Personally I reload(PPU brass) & find Sierra 40gr Blitzkings my favourite.Having said that I bought PPU 50gr SP to use & keep brass:they shot just under 1 MOA through my CZ527 and did the business on foxes OK for me! If I didn't like reloading,although I get tighter grouping from my reloads,they are cheap & effective if your rifle likes them.


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I run my 222 ( the new barrel) in on PPU. Then tried five different rounds, PPU, sako, Winchester, Norma and Hornady xxx, for grouping and accuracy, the Hornady shoot clover leaf at a 100, all different weight heads, best of the lot 40 grn Hornady xxx SP from accuracy through to effect, good entry and exit no runners on H&L shots

A lovely round, I'm not bothering to rake a home load up, the rifle absolutely loves the xxx, shoots flat from 70 out to 170 + 2" at 200 just to make sure, Foxes just fall over

good luck with the 222. It's a cracking mid range round



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My tikka t3 is sub moa at 100m using ppu ..about 10.50 for a box..but now reloading using ppu bullets so even better...


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Most 222s seem to shoot most things. I really liked sako 55gr in mine. Worked well on roe.


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50gn Fiocchi VMax suits both my CZ527 and old Remy 700 equally, giving .5" groups or less if I do my bit.
Also very effective on Charlie.


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40 gr Federal Vshok shot best in my BSA triple. Ragged holes at 100 yards, thumb nail groups at 200. Very consistent across batches too. Finding them wasn't always so easy though, which is one reason why I've now got a .243


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Triple two is an inherently accurate cartridge, if you have a rifle in this calibre and it does not shoot well then you have a problem.



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My Brno hated ppu
my Sako hated Sako ammo! 4" groups!

both shot any reload very well
difficult to load develop the Brno as they were all well inside an inch

norma do a vmax which will be pricey but usually shoots very well