22lr adapter for 12g


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Also available in
Quote"These 8" Rifled PF Adapters are available in 22LR, 9MM, 45 ACP, 38 Special, and 45LC, we have 3" Adapters for 12-20GA and 12-410 GA as well. This along with our newest 12GA-209 Primer adapter for Muzzel loading make the 12GA the most versatile gun in the world bar none-"


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I borrowed one 12g to .410 was handy for using up some .410 cartridges in a big farm yard where the 12g was very much too much. How ever there would be some certification issues and I guess accuracy would not be great in bullet versions.
I remember my uncle telling me years ago of a serious crime committed with a .410 but the chief suspect did not own one but on a visit to his home a constable who was a shooting man saw the adapter behind the clock, case solved. (PS not watched the clip as no wifi)


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In thoery not a bad idea especially in a single barrel I wonder how accurate they would be in a s/s or o/u

paul o'

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i have two from the 19's, they look like 12 gage carts but have an ejector that fits over the sg ejectors all hand made left and right