For Sale: .22LR Anschutz 1451


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Hi all,

I’m selling my Anschutz .22LR as it doesn’t get used. As seen in the photos with:

- Bolt Action rifle
- 10 shot mag
- Parker Hale moderator

NV scope sold.

This is a very accurate rifle which has accounted for quite a few rabbits and odd close range foxes. Some cosmetic scratches on stock but otherwise a sound rifle.

£225 including RFD transfer or less if face to face. Rifle only.



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Just shows how the great rabbit extinction has affected the rimmie sales.
Shame on you rabbit virus spreaders, you'll get your karma.
Nice little rig there.👍


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I bought this as a back up rifle for my other identical Annie as it was quicker to put a variation in and buy it inc RFD transfer from Isle of Man before I got the main one back from an incompetent ‘gunsmith’ after it went in for bolt spring swap. The NV sight was just laying around new but unused.