.22LR to clean or not?


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Never cleaned a 22lr yet, and not planning to either. Yes the wax can build up around the feeding parts and may need a swipe with an earbud every few decades


Never cleaned a 22lr yet, and not planning to either. Yes the wax can build up around the feeding parts and may need a swipe with an earbud every few decades
I suppose it depends how many you put through it, I was putting over a thousand (CCI mini mag) a month through mine before VHD, and the crud and copper fouling that came out with bore shine was grim, its done me nearly thirty years and gets a brute force clean every month (when in use), but each to their own, what works for me doesn't mean I am right!


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I simply pull through an oiled patch followed by a couple of dry patches only because I store my guns butt down and I don't like the thought of any crud falling onto the face of the bolt and into the firing pin hole. It only takes a couple of minutes when cleaning the gun after use so no bother really.


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I pull through a bore snake after every time and store my rifle butt down without the bolt being in it... my sak mod gets cleaned after every use as after a few rounds the wax in it is immense.


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nope. not cleaned my finfire in 10yrs and many 1000's of rounds shooting LSR with it...
Might from time to time give the bolt face a go over with a toothpick to remove wax. that's it.


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Just out of curiosity, why such a massive difference in cleaning regime between rimfire and centrefire? Is there any scientific or practical reasoning behind the discrepancy?
Rimfire bullets are lubed and leave a coating in the barrel. So no corrosion I don’t clean it out as that then leaves bare steel potential for corrosion.
Centre fire different ballgame hydroscopic powder residue. Copper fouling etc. Most repeatable condition is clean.
I tried keeping the 22 clean never as accurate as leaving it alone.


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Use it clean it - takes 5 minutes to clean a rifle.

Keep it in good condition it’ll last a while that way and always shoot straight
My 22 was proofed in 1963 iirc the bore is in excellent condition. The rest is in reasonable condition.


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Never cleaned the barrel on my little cz .22 rimfire and it’s still as accurate as the day I bought it , rest of rifle gets cleaned after each use , had a .17 hmr a few years back and that needed cleaning after about 20-40 shot as accuracy would tail off , so in the end I would run a patch through after each use as I do with my centre fires .


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Boresnake pulled through 2-3 times following any outing, and oiled rag on outside and bolt. Never had an issue.


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Clean chamber and bolt often, bore never -at least not willingly. When I believe I have gotten dust or debris in there I use a scant drop of oil on a patch, then dry patches. (at one time this was Anschutz's advice fro their match rifles) When my T1X was new I patched the factory leavings from the rifle and proceeded to fire several thousand rounds of assorted 22LR through it. Last week I was testing a new ammunition and as my litmus, shot several 10 shot groups with Federal Ultra match at 50 yards. Small, ragged hole groups. My Old Brno#2 hasn't been cleaned in a decade and a half, at least. Shoots MOA and better.~Muir


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My mate claims he hasn't cleaned his .22 BSA since 1962. Mind you, I don't think he's fired it since 1963.
I picked it up a while back and shot his washing line prop in two from fifty yards (off-hand..) so there's not a lot wrong with it.


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If you clean the bore of many .22LR you'll alter the POI until the barrel has had ten or so rounds through it. As I grew up as a smallbore competion shoter...using my mother's Martini .22LR...you learned never to clean the bore if using modern non-corrosive rimfire cartridges as if you did it altered the POI and you dropped points! I managed many 98s and the odd 99. Never manged the 100...but my later mother in the 1930s shot them in her youth with regularity almost as a matter of course. In those days also if they had access to non-corrosive cartridges they never cleaned the bore either. And as she was a better shot than I then if was good enough for her it was good enough for me!


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Use a pull through about 1 x a year. However if you have an Annie with a recessed barrel be aware that you can get a lot of crud building up outside the crown and it does need to be cleaned off. You will need a big brush to shift it.



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About 30 years back our Club Secretary would fire his Smith & Wesson with 40 rounds of .38 HBWC every week. He cleaned his revolver once every two years - no problems.....



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Just like my boxer shorts, I clean annually whether it needs it or not!
Would they be .22 shorts?

The question earlier about buildups in the chamber....
I've never seen the wax lube building up to the point of causing chambering issues. But I regularly see a build up of lead at the front of the chamber, as the chamber gues into the rifling. Causing extra resistance closing the bolt. That usually comes out with a pass of a bronze or stiff nylon brush.

The bigger issue I get is the powder resudue mixing with the oil and gumming up the bolts on some of my semi autos. Some are worse for this than others, due to the close fitting parts. So I have to strip and clean those, after a thousand rounds. And I give the barrel a clean whilst I am at it, whethere it needs it or not.